About Me

I am a Hypnotist and Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner with two decades’ experience helping people make and sustain positive changes in their lives.

In my therapeutic work, I have used ‘eyed closed’ techniques including hypnosis since the start. I spent several years running clinics on London’s Harley Street before moving my work exclusively online. I have performed over 11000 sessions and many people know me for one of my specialist areas of smoking cessation. In early 2021, I had an experience with Covid-19 which further changed my outlook on life and gave me new insights in my approach to holistic wellbeing.

I have a straight-talking and intuitive style with a focus on the power of story and metaphor. I bring a sense of humour to my work, which ranges from traditional hypnotherapy and coaching to more esoterically-themed sessions. I’m also passionate about the benefits of play and incorporating regular hypnosis and meditation into an effective wellbeing recipe. I enjoy finding new and interesting applications for hypnosis, suggestion and my approach.

Whatever the goal, I believe the work of change is done by the individual. I simply provide new tools and fresh perspectives to make this easier, achievable and sustainable.