Deep Dive Session (1.5 hours) – £250

This session can incorporate both eyes open and eyes closed work and is the starting point for working with me. It’s great for making breakthroughs or focusing on a new issue or goal in more depth. 

Eyes Closed Session (1 hour / 1.5 hours) – £100 / £150

These sessions focus on using the power of words, metaphor and suggestion to create a positive inner headspace. This can then help to promote and support healing, personal growth and transformational change. I have a flexible approach that can be tailored to your individual needs. The eyes closed sessions I provide range from hypnotherapy to help with a specific issue or goal to more esoterically-themed guided meditations.

Eyes Open Session (1 hour / 1.5 hours) – £100 / £150

These sessions focus on exploration, analysis and coaching using my own approach, The Storyworking Method®. This explores and examines the narrative(s) that you are currently following and how these might be altered or improved. Analysis of your inner language and personal metaphors is provided as well as practical guidance on different tools, techniques and behavioural changes to support your progress. These sessions are highly tailored so over time may vary and change to a more traditional life coaching format or one exploring more esoteric concepts and approaches. 

Stop Smoking Session (2.5 hours) – £250

This intensive session combines motivational coaching, practical guidance and a dedicated period of smoking cessation hypnosis at the end.I have performed over 7000 stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions and will help you break down and remove the smoking habit at both the conscious and subconscious level. Sessions are also available for those wishing to stop vaping or stop smoking cannabis. You can find out more at my dedicated stop smoking channel here.

Session Packages

For existing / previous clients or those who have attended a Deep Dive Session, these packages provide a way to access discounted sessions. Sessions can be taken at any point within a 2 year period and can be taken as Eyes Closed Sessions, Eyes Open Sessions or a mixture of the two.

5 x 1-hour Sessions – £450 (£90 per session)

10 x 1-hour Sessions – £800 (£80 per session)

5 x 1.5-hour Sessions – £675 (£135 per session)

10 x 1.5-hour Sessions – £1200 (£120 per session)

To book any of the above sessions please use my online booking system or to purchase session packages, contact me.