Eyes Open Sessions

Online Coaching

These sessions typically start by following my core approach, The Storyworking Method®, which explores the narratives and metaphors that are currently shaping your ability to change or develop. 

This can be a very enlightening process and helps to build the foundation for further work and positive progress. Beyond this, there are a range of different ‘eyes open’ sessions that I can provide, depending on what you specifically want to work on.

These can be anywhere on the spectrum from traditional or ‘vanilla’ coaching to what some some may consider more ‘woo woo’ themes, topics and approaches. I have a broad experience of different esoteric subjects, so if you are wondering if something could be covered in these sessions, the best thing is simply to ask.

Sessions I have provided include:

online coaching sessions


  • Storyworking for change – exploring how language and metaphor shape our inner and outer worlds.
  • Performance & productivity coaching – a blend of skills training and accountability through structured coaching
  • Creating balance in life / work – based around the concepts explored in my book, The Play Paradigm.
  • Magick and metaphysics – exploring the power of ritual, intention and manifestation.
  • Connecting with the natural world – seasonal living guidance informed by my qigong, shamanic and druidic practice.
  • Soft skills development – from communication and ‘people reading’ to persuasion and assertiveness
  • Astrological reflections – using the zodiac as a tool for personal development and coaching
  • Card readings – whether using Tarot or a different type of deck, using card pulls as a mirror to the subconscious mind

These sessions are a great way to support progress being made through eyes closed or other work. They also provide a structured way to benefit from a fresh perspective and different insights, as well as to explore some areas of holsitic wellbeing and personal development that may be new to you.

Booking Your Sessions(s)

NEW CLIENTS: You are required to book and attend a Deep Dive Session (2.5 hours) before purchasing any subsequent sessions.

EXISTING / PREVIOUS CLIENTS: You can purchase Eyes Open Sessions (1 hour or 1.5 hour) individually or as part of a discounted session package. If you are looking to achieve a breakthrough for a new or particularly difficult issue it is recommended to first attend an additional Deep Dive Session in order that more time can be spent focusing on it.

Once we have agreed a suitable date and time for your session, I will send an invoice, any pre-session information and, where required, a Client Questionnaire to complete and return via email. This must be returned to me no later than 72 hours before your scheduled session time.

You can view my session rates here and to arrange a session please book here.